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Tourism and Local Attractions

Tourism attractions and things to do at Mkhondo and its surrounding areas!

Amsterdam – Mountain Project

Amsterdam is approx 45 km from Piet Retief, but is still part of the Mkhondo Town Council area. Amsterdam is host to a beautiful mountainous area called Skurwe-Randtjies. The area has been declared a National Heritage: Named “Kalkoenvlakte”.

The private land-owners (5) already have a plan, which can be implemented. Architects have drawn up plans already, but the landowners do not necessarily have the funding and the “time” to develop the area. All of them are in favor of development, as the land cannot be used for agricultural or forestry activities and is approx 3000 ha large. The area has various climates ranging from almost tropical to more or less “Bosveld”. Rivers run through it, it has a large “gorge” which is 1 of only 3 breeding habitats for the “wild Ibis” (wilde kalkoen). The specie is endangered species.

Piet Retief has a fairly well managed Golf Club, Bowling facilities, Tennis courts and Squash courts. Adjoining these facilities is a small dam and free space where additional sporting facilities can be built and maybe managed by the same management team as the Golf Club, making it a complete unit.
Game Camp

This is municipal land in the Town of Piet Retief, +/-400ha large, which has been donated to the Town Council approx 15 years ago. The land may not be sold and must be used for natural preservation/conservation.

The game camp to the “south” has a large area of wetland (vlei with a small dam) and could be used to restore the bird life. The camp used to host a large variety of game, but has been culled, fences demolished etc. It can be restored to once again host various species of game; it was proposed that hot water swimming pools be built there, with overnight facilities or even selling timeshare. Various other activities can be included in this area, including the growing of organic agricultural activities. All of the land is virgin land, with a few alien-invading plants (Eucalyptus and Wattle trees) that grow on the land.

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